Celebrating the women of our state who stand tall in the face of adversity.

It’s been tough. From the devastating bushfires, extreme floods and drought, to the pandemic which rattled our reality to its roots, we’ve all come face-to-face with adversity. We’ve all come up against our own uniquely difficult challenges. But if it’s taught us anything, it is to never underestimate the women of the sunshine state. Here we give a voice to eight Queenslandhers who’ve done it tough, but have risen above.

Being both a nurse and a single mum made the pandemic particularly frightening for Rochelle. Find out how she took it in her stride.
Like most business owners, Kerrie felt fearful of the implications of the pandemic. Hear how she transformed her business to help support the community during COVID.
Running a restaurant during the pandemic was an unpredictable and frightening feat for owner Maggie. Listen to how she navigated her family business during turbulent times.
With her husband living in high care, Irene found herself feeling more alone than ever during lockdown. Hear how Irene overcame her loneliness.
Not knowing when she would be able to visit her overseas family and trying to stay on top of her work and studies took a huge toll on Samira. Hear how she coped with the uncertainty.
Opening her own salon had always been her dream, but she never imagined she’d be doing it during the height of a pandemic. Hear how Emily juggled both her role as a mum and a sole business owner.
Unpredictable climate conditions on top of COVID-19 meant Gen and her farming community couldn’t operate in their usual way. Learn how Gen adapted to keep her farm flourishing.
Trying to navigate working from home as well as keeping her family safe meant Jillian neglected her own health during the pandemic. Learn how she turned it all around.

Queenslandhers have done it tough in 2020.

2020 was challenging

Almost of all Queensland women found 2020 challenging. One in five found it extremely challenging rising to one third of young Queensland women

Room to improve physical exercise

Almost four out of ten Queensland women agree they are not doing as well with their physical activity in 2020

Discovered something new in 2020

Almost one in four Queensland women starting something new in 2020 or discovered something new about themselves. Highest result for young women

Financial impact in 2020

More than a quarter of women have felt the economic impact of events in 2020.

Healthy living needs a positive mindset

The most significant motivator to physical health is being in the right mindset and feeling good about yourself

Feeling optimistic about 2021

Just over half of Queensland women feel optimistic when they think of 2021

* 2020 Health and Wellbeing Queensland Survey, total sample size 300.

To inspire other Queenslandhers and remind them they aren’t alone, we’re asking you to share your story. Tell us what adversity you’ve faced and how you managed to overcome it. We want you to become our storytellhers.

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To assist fellow Queenslandhers in rising above whatever challenge they may be facing, we’ve developed a toolbox full of resources, strategies and tips. Because after all, by empowering the women of our state, we empowher the entire state.

Last updated 27 January 2023