Where I finish 2020 is not where I thought I would be when I started 2020.
At 45 I quickly realised that if I was to be infected with COVID, it might not work out too well for an overweight asthmatic mother of 4 who did very little physical activity. So in March I stopped my all too frequent glass or two of wine with dinner most nights. I decided to be more of a healthy role model for my children. With a clearer head, better sleep pattern and 4 children not in any after school activities I applied for a scholarship to study at uni again with all this ‘spare time’ after working fulltime in a public health unit. A friend sent me a link about Imposter Syndrome, and it really got me thinking that I needed to change my mindset.
Over the past 7 months I’ve completed a Graduate Certificate in Research, something in 2019 I didn’t think I was capable of. I have found strengths I didn’t realise I had. I weigh less and feel healthier than I did this time last year. I am still working on my 10000 steps each day, but I try and incorporate more steps into each day where I can. If I can achieve all this on top of such a demanding year, then I can do anything I set my mind to. And you can too xoxo

What helped you overcome these challenges?

I realised I had to be a role model for my family. I had to show them in hard times that you need to believe in yourself, be healthier and have a positive mindset to cope with any adversity. I didn’t want them to remember this year that in hard times you need alcohol to cope. I wanted them to think back that mum looked after her mental health, looked at all the positives instead of negatives, went for walks around the neighbourhood most days, and still finished a uni degree.
My female friendships and colleagues banding together, and my Zoom account helped me get through. Many laughs online instead of in person, in my pjs. Some nights we competed in online trivia competitions, and we even recorded ourselves singing in Couch Choir.

What “her” have you become?