Our Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Reconciliation Action Plan (PDF, 10.8MB) reminds us that reconciliation is a responsibility that requires ongoing attention to what respect, relationships and opportunities mean to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Since our establishment in July 2019, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health equity has remained a priority for Health and Wellbeing Queensland (HWQld). Over time our programs have grown and our partnerships with communities have strengthened. Now is the time for our organisation to take the next step on our journey towards reconciliation.  

In October 2023, our Health and Wellbeing Queensland Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) was endorsed by Reconciliation Australia and the Health and Wellbeing Queensland Board. Our Reflect RAP recognises our formal commitment to improving reconciliation and health equity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Through our RAP, we look forward to reflecting internally, and walking alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, communities and organisations, in our journey towards health and wellbeing for all Queenslanders no matter who they are or where they live. Our Reflect RAP will be implemented over 12 months, through 13 actions under the banners of relationships, respect, opportunities, and governance. Our RAP has 41 deliverables, with a very strong focus on improving our internal capacity to set us up for future more ambitious RAPs.  

We join more than 2,700 other corporate, government, and not-for-profit organisations that have made a formal commitment to reconciliation through the RAP program. A RAP is a strategic document that helps organisations to build respectful relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and foster opportunities in supplier diversity, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander recruitment and cultural learning. Reconciliation Australia provided a structured framework to follow in the development of our own RAP, with specific actions to advance reconciliation.  

Together, with HWQld’s Strategic Plan 2023–2027 and Generation Queensland vision, our RAP (PDF, 10.8MB) strengthens our platform to create a healthier and fairer future for all Queenslanders, in particular, children, young people and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We acknowledge and thank all those whose contributions have helped shape our Reflect RAP, and for supporting our path to reconciliation.  

Circles of Life – the Spirit of Reconciliation, Luke Mallie (2023)

Luke Mallie’s visual representation of Health and Wellbeing Queensland’s journey towards reconciliation is represented through key themes of connection, community, culture and environment, and mirrors the values of Health and Wellbeing Queensland in working to provide opportunity for all communities, families and individuals to flourish. Watch the video above to hear more.

Last updated 6 February 2024