Who we are

A bold new idea to make healthy happen.

Our story

We began as a simple idea for a health promotion agency.

Over many months people shared their thoughts and this helped shape legislation to create Health and Wellbeing Queensland.

Health and Wellbeing Queensland was established in July 2019 to improve the health and wellbeing of all Queenslanders and reduce health inequities. We work in partnership with others to reduce risk factors that lead to chronic diseases. We have been given a mandate to develop a new way of working that requires innovation, partnerships and an element of risk-taking that government is not well placed to deliver.

While we are accountable to government, and the broader community, we are an independent organisation that will work relentlessly to achieve outcomes that benefit the whole of Queensland.

Our Vision

OUR VISION is that every Queenslander achieves and sustains a healthier weight by moving more and making healthier food and drink choices

Our Mission

OUR MISSION is to partner, to create and to amplify policy and actions that achieve real and measurable improvements for the health of every Queenslander

Our Point of Difference

By partnering with community, public and private we help turn skills, will and resources into preventive health action and policy that enables Queenslanders to move more and make healthier food and drink choices. That’s why we’re here, to make healthy happen and improve life for all Queenslanders.

What We Are



Rapid knowledge translators


Implementation scientists

All in


What We Are Not



Contract managers


We're for all Queenslanders.

We believe every Queenslander has the right to good health and we are driven to ensure better health is achieved across the entire Queensland population. We will listen to the voices of people across the many diverse communities of Queensland and use our unique knowledge, skills and behaviours to embrace cultural differences and needs of communities in order to serve them best.

Our values

Our success will be built on a solid foundation of values.


We do things differently. We will push the boundaries, question and disrupt as we create a new evidence-base for the future.


We are action-oriented. We set big targets and we do what it takes to achieve them. Not sometime in the future, but today.


We believe the best results come when we partner with communities, health organisations, the private sector and government. Combining and leveraging all of our skills, will and resources to ensure that, together, we make healthy happen faster.


Real change doesn’t happen by repeating what’s been done before. We actively seek out, identify, accelerate and amplify new ideas as a platform for knowing how we can make a difference.


We believe that no matter who you are, or where you live in Queensland, everyone has the right to better health.

Last updated 4 May 2023