To be honest knowing what so many people have been through, it’s hard to call what I’ve been through as “challenges”, but I guess everyone in their own way have had to adapt and adjust. For me this has mostly been around keeping up a work-home life balance. The demands of work increased quite significantly during COVID-19 (10,000 Steps program) and my husband and I were both working from home while the kids schooled from home. I also found if difficult not being able to hug my mum and comfort loved ones in person during difficult times.

What helped you overcome these challenges?

Being grateful, prioritising my health and wellbeing and a lot of positive self-talk!

I am grateful for the country and state we live in and for the leaders who have kept us safe and able to return to a normal that others in the world can only imagine at the moment. I have made sure that I focus on the positive’s and maintain my physical activity, healthy eating and mindfulness – all of these are my coping mechanisms. I’ve had to make conscious efforts to step away from my desk for quality time, even if it was just a 1,000 step walk that we would do with the kids every evening to give them our 100% attention.

What “her” have you become?