Podsquad is a free play-based wellbeing app to help families make healthy happen!

Podsquad is a wellbeing app for children aged 5-12 years and their families. Kids learn about eating better, moving their bodies more, and the importance of sleep through bite-sized lessons, tailored to their wellbeing goals.

They’ll earn rewards for their online activities, but more importantly for completing offline, real-life quests.


In the Podsquad app, kids explore the magical world of Imago where they discover its colourful and quirky creatures - the Epipods.

Trilino, Firebloom, and the other Epipods help kids learn about healthy habits and give them real-life quests to put their learnings into practice.

  • Games, stories, puzzles, and quests make the learning experience fun.
  • Kids earn in-app rewards for online activities, but more importantly, for completing offline, real-life quests.
  • Gameplay is structured so that short bursts of online learning can lead to real-world activities and changes.

Parents can help their kids on their wellbeing journey

As kids learn through play, parents and carers can access resources to help them with role modelling healthy behaviours and creating a supportive environment at home.

  • Set goals for each child to customise their learning experience, and you’ll also receive updates on their progress.
  • Listen to the Podsquad podcast series featuring childhood health experts sharing practical advice and tips for parents and carers.
  • Discover clever ideas for trying new foods, fun activities for indoor and outdoor play, and tips to support a good night’s sleep.

Fun for kids

Games, stories, puzzles and quests make the learning experience engaging and interactive.

Practical for parents

Flexible online delivery, aligned to your child’s health goals.

Backed by experts

Developed by childhood health experts using a behavioural science framework.

Approved by families

Co-designed with 300+ kids and their families.

Kids enjoy short bursts of gamified learning that can lead to real-life changes.

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