Privacy Statement

Health and Wellbeing Queensland, Podsquad App  

The Queensland Government, of which Health and Wellbeing Queensland (HWQld) is governed, is bound by the Information Privacy Act 2009 when managing personal information. We are also bound by the HWQld Corporate Policy: Information Privacy (HWQ POL-012).  

HWQld is committed to protecting user privacy. We understand that visitors and users of Queensland Government websites and smartphone applications (App) are concerned about their privacy, and the confidentiality and security of any information that is provided.  

By using or accessing the Podsquad App, you are agreeing to the following Privacy Statement. If you do not agree to this Privacy Statement, then do not access or use the Podsquad App.  

This privacy statement may be updated without explicit notice to the user.  

What Personal Information will be collected 

Personal information collected on account creation includes: 

  • Parent/carer first name 
  • Parent/carer email address (to register family account and for communications)  
  • Child first name  
  • Users’ date of birth  
  • Postcode  
  • High-level family health goals relating to nutrition, physical activity, wellbeing behaviours (e.g. ‘our family goal is to drink fewer sugary drinks’)  
  • Self-reported progress on health goals.  

HWQld will not share your name or contact details with anyone without your consent. Unless otherwise stated in these conditions of use, no attempt will be made to identify users or users’ activities. 

App Analytics  

For the purposes of improving the App and HWQld services more generally, HWQld will record information to evaluate use of the App through Google Analytics/Firebase. This includes all data related to the App including user analytics, tracking data and metadata to gather anonymous information.  

You can read more about automatically collected events through Google Analytics here. 

Mobile App Permissions 

If you choose to opt in for push notifications by ‘enabling’ this feature within the App, you consent to HWQld delivering push notifications to your device to remind you of game progress and current quest completion.  

If you provide feedback to HWQld through use of the feedback form on the App, HWQld may collect and use your personal information in accordance with its privacy policy. 

  • If you provide feedback to HWQld through use of the App feedback form, you grant a worldwide perpetual irrevocable licence to use and disseminate your feedback to HWQld staff and its contracted services for the purpose of improving the Podsquad App and HWQld services more generally. You grant permission to HWQld to respond to your feedback via email.  
  • If you chose to provide feedback via the App feedback form, you agree to provide the mandatory field information as requested in the feedback form, and to not insert or send any malicious, harmful, derogatory, unlawful or defamatory content in connection with this, HWQld or the Podsquad App.  


Email correspondence as part of the App program communication will be treated as a public record.  

HWQld will not use your personal information to compile a mailing list or for marketing purposes. We will not disclose these details to third parties without your consent.  

How your Personal Information is Stored 

The data will be stored within a secure, password protected and encrypted database on a server with Amazon Web Services (AWS), AP-Southeast- 2 Region, Sydney, Australia. Data will also be encrypted as it is sent from the individual’s device to the API/database, and backup files will also be encrypted. All data will be extracted, de-identified, stored and kept permanently at HWQld and only be accessible to HWQld staff and affiliates involved in the project.  


Users who choose to opt in as research participants will complete a consent form under a separate privacy policy as per the approved research ethics protocol.  

Intellectual Property 

You do not own the App or any information that is provided to you through it.  

The licence to download, install and use the App does not, and is not intended to, grant you any right to intellectual property in the App, associated resources or any other information or data.  

HWQld reserves all its rights in the intellectual property residing in the App and all data and information generated or produced by the App including without limitation, copyright, trademarks and designs.  

Warranty and Liability 

The Podsquad App is provided ‘as is’ and HWQld does not expressly or implicitly warrant that the App is fit for any particular purpose.  

The Podsquad App, its contents and resources are intended for general advice only and should not be replaced by advice provided by your healthcare provider.  

Privacy Complaints 

If you believe we have breached our privacy rights at any time, please send an email to so HWQld can investigate and respond to you. All such enquiries or complaints will be taken seriously and handled with impartiality and discretion.  

Please allow 14 business days for HWQld to investigate and respond to any privacy complaints.  


If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about the Podsquad App, please contact the HWQld team on