Prevention Programs

Helping clinicians identify health and wellbeing programs for their patients to support positive behaviour change.

Prevention Programs to build healthy habits

Health and Wellbeing Queensland is committed to make healthy happen for Queenslanders no matter who they are or where they live.

Through strong investment, Health and Wellbeing Queensland proudly provides a suite of high quality and free healthy lifestyle programs to support positive health and wellbeing outcomes for Queenslanders. 

For further information about supports available across Queensland, see links under ‘arrange’ within the Clinical Toolkit resource library. 


Podsquad is a free play-based learning app to help families create healthy habits. Using behavioural science, the Podsquad app explores the topics of nutrition, physical activity and sleep, to encourage children and families to make lasting changes that support their health and wellbeing

10,000 Steps Program

Raises awareness and increases participation in physical activity by encouraging the accumulation of incidental activity as part of everyday living through a free program for individuals, workplaces and communities with step-counting, challenges and walkway signage.

My health for life

My health for life is a free lifestyle program helping Queenslanders to live well and lessen their risk of developing a chronic disease. The program is delivered by qualified health professionals, empowering people with support, knowledge, and practical tools to achieve their health goals.

Clinician dialogue prompts

Prompts to help clinicians discuss programs that support healthy habits with their patients.

“Can I talk to you about some great health programs that are available and free of charge?”

“I can see your health is important to you. Are there key areas of your lifestyle you would like help with at the moment such as healthy eating, being active, cooking?”

Provision of program specific advice, eligibility, access details, etc.

“How about we call that program now/we look up that program together and get you started with a referral?”

  • Provide program website/contact details
  • Provide programs flyer

Check in at subsequent discussion to follow up on outcomes of contact/referral to program.

“How else can I help you improve your health and help you to feel better?”

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Last updated 24 October 2023