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Share knowledge and develop new health and wellbeing skills.

ECHO® Learning

Skills in Early Childhood Nutrition Series

Learn how to respond to common nutrition issues for children aged 0-5 years.

This series will be conducted in partnership with Nutrition Australia Qld.

Participants will gain a thorough understanding of key nutrition phases for children aged 0-5 years. This series will equip participants with strategies and confidence to respond to common nutrition issues they come across in their work.

Target Audience: Early childhood staff , playgroup facilitators, and community workers working with children aged 0-5 years.

Panel members: NAQ nutrition, Health and Wellbeing Queensland, Child Health Nurse and guest presenters.

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Healthy Kids Series

(Previously known as Childhood Overweight and Obesity Learning Series)

Supporting children and families to build better health and lifestyle habits together.

This ongoing series is conducted in partnership with Children’s Health Queensland and The University of Queensland.

Childhood overweight and obesity affects 1 in 4 Queensland children and is associated with poor long-term health, emotional and social outcomes. It often affects whole families, and primary health professionals are well placed to deliver holistic care for the entire family, with treatment safely delivered in primary care with specialist support.

Target Audience: clinicians including GPs, nurses, medical specialists, and allied health professionals working in childhood overweight and obesity prevention and management.

Panel members: general paediatrician, paediatric dietitian, paediatric psychologist and guest presenters.

View the Healthy Kids Series overview.

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ConnectingQ Network  

Join the ConnectingQ network to establish connections with professionals working to support sustainable active and healthy communities across Queensland. 

  • Be empowered to lead initiatives that support active and healthy communities 
  • Engage in learning opportunities and peer support with people from a range of sectors, disciplines and regions of Queensland to address complex challenges effectively 
  • Enhance your prevention capacity and capability to enable effective local action for healthy communities 

Creating active and healthy communities means finding new and innovative ways of working together across different sectors and areas across Queensland. That’s why we’re so excited to be launching ConnectingQ in October to help make this happen.  

ConnectingQ was co-designed by representatives from across the health and community sectors with the support of Health and Wellbeing Queensland. It was formerly known as Queensland Healthy Places Network during its development. It will bring together practitioners from local government, community and health sectors to connect, collaborate and enhance knowledge to support sustainable active and healthy communities. ConnectingQ will provide a vibrant, practical network and online platform to connect all those who have a role to play in building healthier Queensland communities. 

Please join us for a special Project ECHO® launch of ConnectingQ:

Date: Tuesday, 31 October
Time: 10am – 11am

During the online session, Health and Wellbeing Queensland’s CEO, Dr Robyn Littlewood will provide an overview of ConnectingQ followed by Q&A and an opportunity for you to provide feedback. We hope you can join us to discover more about how the network will support sustainable active and healthy communities across Queensland. 

Target Audience: We welcome registrations from practitioners from local government, community, and health sectors that have a shared objective of creating active and healthy communities. 

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Healthy Ageing Series

Supporting healthy ageing and prevention of chronic disease in adults.

This series has been designed in partnership with South West Hospital and Health Service (HHS) and Health and Wellbeing Queensland for South West health professionals.

Applying the 5A’s (Ask, Assess, Assist, Advise and Arrange) framework in preventative healthcare in alignment with the preventive care in general practice clinical guidelines to support adult health care in the region.

Target Audience: Registration is open to all health professionals (GPs, nurses, allied health) within the South West HHS region.

Panel members: Exercise Physiologist, Senior Social Work, Senior Medical Officer, Community Nutritionist/Dietitian and guest contributors.

The registration for this ECHO® series is currently closed. To be notified of future opportunities, share your details and we’ll be in touch shortly.
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Healthier Remote Food Stores Series

Learn how to support remote stores to build workforce capacity around nutrition.

This series was conducted in partnership with Monash University, The University of Queensland, Menzies School of Health Research, Outback Stores, The Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation, Refresh Centre of Research Excellence, and Murtupuni Centre for Rural & Remote Health.

Participants will be given insight into 9 key areas for working together with remote stores business owners and operators to build nutrition workforce capacity to facilitate positive, sustainable change, as well as enable monitoring and evaluation using the Store Scout app.

Target Audience: community dietitians and public health nutritionists working in remote communities.

Panel Members: health and nutrition manager, nutritionist, research fellow, associate professor public health nutrition, senior lecturer public health nutrition, program advisor nutrition strategy, PhD candidate and guest presenters: senior policy officer, group merchandise and IT manager.

The registration for this ECHO® series is currently closed. To be notified of future opportunities, share your details and we’ll be in touch shortly.
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Tuckshop Menu Planning Series

Learn how to design and market a healthy tuckshop menu that’s sustainable for the tuckshop and benefits the school community.

This series will be conducted in partnership with Queensland Association School Tuckshops (QAST).

Participants will learn how to review their current tuckshop menu, explore the benefits of Smart Choices, develop skills in community engagement, design and market their new menu and how to create a sustainable tuckshop that benefits the whole school community.

Target Audience: registration open to QAST members: tuckshop convenors, operation managers, P&C members, principals.

Panel members: QAST Dietitian, QAST Executive Services Manager, Queensland High school and primary school tuckshop convenors, Department of Education representative.

View the Tuckshop Menu Planning Series overview (PDF, 204KB).

The registration for this ECHO® series is currently closed. To be notified of future opportunities, share your details and we’ll be in touch shortly.
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