Pick of the Crop

Getting kids to eat more vegetables and fruit.

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Pick of the Crop

Pick of the Crop is a whole-school healthy eating program to increase opportunities for Queensland primary school children to learn about and consume vegetables and fruit.

Pick of the Crop is supporting Queensland primary schools to boost school children’s consumption of vegetables and fruit through locally agreed school actions.

There are more than 35 schools in Bowen, Bundaberg and Logan currently participating in the pilot program.

Pick of the Crop

Getting kids to eat more vegetables and fruit

Only 4.6% of Queensland children aged 8 – 11 years are eating the recommended amount of five vegetables every day. This needs to improve.

Around 72% of children eat the recommended two serves of fruit every day.

School students are not meeting the Australian Dietary Guideline recommendations. Evidence shows that healthy eating supports optimal growth and development, protects from illness and enables successful learning at school, performance at sport and supports life long healthy eating habits.

Last updated 22 August 2022