Pick of the Crop

Getting kids to eat more vegetables and fruit.

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Pick of the Crop

This whole-school healthy eating program aims to increase opportunities for Queensland primary school children to learn about and eat more vegetables and fruit.

Pick of the Crop is supporting Queensland state schools to boost their student’s consumption of vegetables and fruit through locally agreed school actions.

Pick of the Crop is consistent with the Smart Choices – Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Schools and the latest Australian and international evidence of good practice.

The program initially started with 35 schools in Bowen, Bundaberg and Logan during a pilot in 2020. Now the program is reaching more students in more state schools across Queensland. This includes[1]:

  • North Queensland (including Bowen and the Burdekin)
  • North Coast (including Bundaberg, Wide Bay and Gympie regions)
  • Darling Downs South West
  • Metro (including Logan)
  • South East

If your school is located in one of these regions and is keen to participate in Pick of the Crop, consider the information at Getting Started before contacting us for more information.

Impact in Schools

Schools Reached
Participating Schools in 2023
New Schools in 2023
Students Reached in 2023
Pick of the Crop

Getting kids to eat more vegetables and fruit

Only 3.1% of Queensland children aged 5 – 11 years are eating the recommended amount of 5 vegetables every day[2]. This needs to improve.

80% of children eat the recommended 2 serves of fruit every day[2].

School students are not meeting the Australian Dietary Guideline recommendations. Evidence shows that healthy eating supports optimal growth and development, protects from illness and enables successful learning at school, performance at sport and supports life long healthy eating habits.

Last updated 11 October 2023