Pick of the Crop

Getting kids to eat more vegetables and fruit.

Getting Started

Who should get involved?

  • Are you passionate about the benefits of food and nutrition for your students?
  • Are you looking to build on current food and nutrition actions, through a whole-school approach?
  • Are you eager to broaden learning opportunities and support student health and wellbeing through food and nutrition?

If you answered yes to these questions, Pick of the Crop could be an exciting opportunity for your school.

How do you start?

1. Read the information in these resources:

School Information Pack (PDF, 3.95MB)
Pick of the Crop Overview (PDF, 1.64MB)

2. Consult with staff and gain commitment from your school leadership team.

3. Contact your Pick of the Crop Regional Coordinator, or contact HWQld at pickofthecrop@hw.qld.gov.au if you need more information.

What’s next?

If your school leaders and community are supportive, you should start developing a school action plan.

Action Plan Template (Year 1 and 2) (Word, 113KB)
Action Plan Template (Year 3) (PDF, 267KB)

Your School Action Plan should:

  • Build on your current priorities and activities, and integrate new ways of work focusing on the five Pick of the Crop components
  • Identify one or more School Champions
  • Highlight where any funding supports implementation of actions
  • Provide estimated timelines and leads, and
  • Be signed by your school principal.

Once completed, this should be emailed to pickofthecrop@hw.qld.gov.au. You will be informed of next steps by your Pick of the Crop Regional Coordinator.

Last updated 18 March 2024