Project ECHO®

Join an online community to upskill in best practice areas of health and wellbeing.

ECHO® Learning

ECHO® Principles

The ECHO® model calls on us to:

A. Use technology to amplify and leverage resources.

B. Share best practices to reduce disparities.

C. Apply case-based learning to master complexity.

D. Evaluate and monitor outcomes.

All teach, all learn

Project ECHO® is a performance and knowledge optimiser. It guides participants toward best practice through knowledge sharing, online interactive discussions and collaborative learning.

Digitally enabled

Participants dial into ECHO® learning series via Zoom video conferencing software which requires an internet connection and a device with a webcam. Zoom is free for participants to download and use.

Access to best practice

ECHO® Learning Series promotes small groups of case- or scenario-based learning, led by a panel of experts. This helps increase access to best practice and reduce health disparities, especially for those in rural and remote areas.

Multi-directional learning

Learn from colleagues, experts and specialist mentors, as they learn from each other, and experts/specialist mentors learn from participants as new best practices emerge.

For series with a clinical focus, participating clinicians who present de-identified cases retain full responsibility for managing the patient.

Last updated 11 October 2023