To help you become a Healthy Kids Menu venue, check-out these handy resources

Getting Started

So you’re considering becoming a Healthy Kids Menu venue. Here’s two resources to help guide you.


Try these recipes created, tried and tested by Matt Golinski, celebrity chef. Because, it’s all about the food. Free for you to use or adapt to your seasonal preferences.

“Being a healthy kids menu venue isn’t hard—simply create nutritious, healthy menu options in smaller portions suitable for your younger diners.”

Matt Golinski, celebrity chef.

Promotional Materials

When you become a Healthy Kids Menu venue, you’re going to want to promote it, right? Here’s some downloadables for use where your patrons may linger. Think tables, counter, front door, even the loos!

For download:

Any Questions?

We’re here to help. Get in touch via the form on the Healthy Kids Menu home page.

Last updated 11 October 2023