About the Queensland Healthy Kids Menu initiative

Why is it important?

Restaurants, hotels, clubs and cafés are integral to Queensland’s vibrant communities. Eating out at local food venues is one of the ways we stay connected and socialise, especially with family and friends.

For parents, having healthy food and drink options for their children is an increasingly important factor when choosing a venue.  Parents expect to have healthier options available in restaurants, hotels, clubs and cafés – not just on main menus but on kids menus too.

Healthy kids menu options contribute to good nutrition in childhood, which supports healthy growth and development, helps kids learn about tastes and textures, and lays the foundations for future health and wellbeing. It sets kids up with healthy lifelong habits.

The trouble is, children are consuming too many unhealthy foods and drinks and not eating enough vegetables and fruit. This imbalance can make it challenging to maintain a healthy weight. In Queensland, one in four children live with overweight and obesity.

Queensland’s food venues have an important role to play in supporting good nutrition during childhood. The Queensland Healthy Kids Menu initiative supports venues to offer delicious and nutritious food choices for kids.

How was the initiative developed?

Health and Wellbeing Queensland has worked with Wellbeing SA (South Australia) to deliver the  Healthy Kids Menu initiative in Queensland.

The initiative was developed in South Australia, where a taskforce was established to consider ways of improving food and drink choices when children were eating outside the home.

The taskforce developed the Healthy Kids Menu initiative through a co-design process with parents and venues. Following a trial phase, the initiative was formally launched in South Australia in 2017.

Last updated 14 August 2020