Top tips to boost your activity during COVID-19

Pregnant woman and her daughter doing light exercise in their house

Looking for ways to boost your activity during the COVID-19 pandemic? The Queensland Sport and Recreation team has shared their top tips to help Queenslanders be active while at home. Let’s get moving!

Use the Australian Physical Activity Guidelines to help achieve your goal

These national guidelines outline the minimum levels of physical activity required for health benefits at all stages of life. They can be achieved at home and with no special equipment. Set daily or weekly goals to give you motivation to maintain your activity or even slightly increase your activity levels. 

Start low and go slow

Start out by doing physical activity that you find comfortable. Gradually increase how hard you’re working and how often you’re moving, if you can. And if you’re unwell, then rest. If you are new to physical activity, have a health problem, or are concerned about the safety of being (more) active, speak with your doctor or health professional about the most suitable activities for you.

Sit less, move more

Break up long periods of sitting as often as you can. Try setting an alarm as a reminder to get up and move!

Be active during your day – every bit counts

Set aside time every day to be deliberately active. Walk, dance, do an online exercise session or be active online with your friends – whatever is right for you! Every bit counts.

Move with your family and pets

Turn your daily activity into a social event by being active as a household, or taking the dog for a walk.

Be active in different ways at home

Make a specific time as part of your daily or weekly routine to do some energetic house-cleaning, odd jobs you have been putting off, or exercise your green thumb.

Mix it up

There are so many ways to keep moving! Think about activities you enjoy. Look for people who can inspire you to keep going. Start with one activity and then add in a new activity every week or so to keep it fun and challenging.