Join the Queensland Walk Explore Steps Challenge this August

Queenslanders have been invited to make every move count this August as the 10,000 Steps program and Queensland Walks bring the state together for a new physical activity challenge.  

The Queensland Walk Explore Steps Challenge is month-long physical activity pursuit from 1–31 August and is a key activity of Queensland Walks Month (August).  

All activities count and every move matters – whether you walk, run, roll, stroll, swim, cycle or dance. To participate, log in or register for the 10,000 Steps and chart your activity on the dashboard or your Step Log.  

Health and Wellbeing Queensland Chief Executive Officer Dr Robyn Littlewood applauded the Queensland Walk Explore Steps Challenge as an inspiration for Queenslanders to enjoy more physical activity, social connectivity and the outdoors.  

‘At Health and Wellbeing Queensland we know that walking brings many benefits in terms of health and wellbeing, and this is why we are delighted to celebrate the Queensland Walk Explore Steps Challenge,’ Dr Littlewood said.  

‘Regular physical activity helps to prevent and manage serious health problems such as obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, asthma, arthritis and depression.  

‘That’s why we are committed to making Queenslanders Australia’s healthiest people by proactively supporting all of us to move more and help to reverse the burden of ill-health. 

‘We cannot do this on our own and we will continue to partner with the 10,000 Steps program and cheer on entrants in the challenge, as they promote the motto ‘every step counts’ by moving more.’ 

Members of the community are also invited to join Her Excellency, Dr Jeannette Young, Governor of Queensland, and Health and Wellbeing Queensland for the upcoming Governor’s Community Walk on Thursday 31 August to celebrate Queensland Walks Month. 

The Governor’s walks provide an opportunity for Queenslanders to explore the beautiful native bushland of Fernberg Estate located in Paddington while enjoying the health benefits of participating in physical activity. 

The community walks encourage a healthy and active Queensland as part of Her Excellency’s patronage of Health and Wellbeing Queensland. Read more about our recent community walks or register for upcoming walks via the Queensland Government House website