Don’t drop the ball! How to safely return to play community sport this season

Boys playing soccer on a soccer field

Community sport, oh how we have missed you! As we make a return to play, there are some simple measures you can take to keep everyone healthy and safe. Being involved in community sport has many benefits – including social, physical and mental wellbeing. Long-term health benefits of being involved in various sports include reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease and improved lung function.

During a global pandemic however, community sport settings have the potential for transmission through face-to-face contact or contact with sporting equipment. Potentially, transmission to others can also occur, including umpires or those running a food and drink stand – so it’s now more important than ever to work as a team to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Top tips to be a good sport during this season:

We all need to continue to follow current restrictions, practice social distancing as much as possible, and ensure good hand hygiene. If you are a player or a coach, it is recommended that:

  • You wash your hands properly and regularly
  • Pack a bag that includes your own towel, water bottle and hand sanitizer
  • Don’t share drink bottles
  • Don’t shake hands or give high fives
  • Be creative in celebrating a goal to limit close contact. Swap your high five celebrations for elbow bumps or an air high five!
  • Coaches should keep a spray bottle of disinfectant handy to regularly clean and/or wipe down shared equipment
  • Keep separate areas for used and sanitised equipment
  • Stay home if you’re unwell

Watching the game? Here’s how you can help your team stop the spread:

We know there’s nothing better than watching your favourite team live and close to the action, you can support your team by:

  • Washing your hands properly and regularly
  • Keeping 1.5m from other spectators
  • Taking a hygiene pack with you that includes hand sanitiser and tissues
  • Using designated spectator seating and/or waiting areas
  • Using separate entry and exit points
  • Register your attendance on activity sign on sheet
  • Staying home if you’re unwell.

By all doing our part we can continue to build stronger, healthier and happier COVID safe communities. Find out more about keeping community sport COVID safe visit and to find out more about joining a local sporting or recreation club, visit

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