Building a healthy Bundaberg

We’ve reached a new milestone in the Building a Healthy Bundaberg Initiative, with work beginning on the community-led development and implementation of a collaborative action plan to support Bundaberg residents in leading active and healthy lifestyles.

Work to date with behavioural scientists, Evidn—specialists in solving complex social challenges—has delivered an understanding of the key factors influencing the community’s health, opportunities to lead healthy lifestyles, and a framework to capture and measure changes in community health; including positive health behaviours and supportive environments, over time.

Over the next 15 months, Evidn will have boots on the ground in the Bundaberg community, working with members of the Building a Healthy Bundaberg Alliance, (which currently sits at 40 members and growing) to support a healthy Bundaberg. Starting with a stakeholder mapping exercise, Evidn will ensure everyone who has a role to play can get involved in leading, developing and implementing the Building a Healthy Bundaberg action plan.

Health and Wellbeing Queensland’s Principal Lead – Physical Activity, Melinda Covey-Hansen said kicking off this next phase of work is an exciting next step.

“Bundaberg Regional Council together with all Alliance members are leading the way for other councils or regions to prioritise and work together in creating healthy communities. This initiative will help the Council in achieving its goal of reducing obesity rates below the national average by 2030.”

“With significant investment having gone into identifying critical factors supporting healthy living, key initial stakeholders playing a role, and developing a monitoring and evaluation framework, we commend Bundaberg Regional Council and all Alliance members for their commitment to community health and wellbeing.”

Members of the Building a Healthy Bundaberg Alliance

The Building a Healthy Bundaberg Alliance was established in 2020 and is driven by a partnership between Health and Wellbeing Queensland, the Bundaberg Regional Council and the Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport. Other key members of the Alliance include the Central Queensland, Wide Bay and Sunshine Coast PHN, Wide Bay HHS, Department of Education, key peak health NGOs (Heart Foundation, Diabetes Queensland), Indigenous Wellbeing Centre, Central Queensland University, Bundaberg Fruit and Veg Growers, Queensland Country Women’s Association, YMCA, Bundaberg Health Promotions Ltd, Raw Awakenings Community Sports and other local community organisations.

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