Health Transformers

Individuals committed to transforming health in childhood obesity across Queensland.

Health Transformers

The Paediatric Health Transformers Committee (PHT-C) was originally started to oversee the state-wide implementation of the Models of Care – to give a practical approach to Prevention, Treatment and Education for tackling childhood obesity.  This model of care has been referenced here and within our Clinical Toolkit.  

The committee was made up of individuals passionate and committed to transforming the way childhood obesity is prevented and treated in their local area or health service. PHT-C members came from a variety of backgrounds and geographic areas with expertise and interest in the area of childhood weight management. 

Moving forward, the PHT-C group is pausing its work.  As HWQld continue to co-design its solutions with local consumers and communities, the individuals within PHT-C will continue to play an invaluable role within specific projects where their expertise and passion align.   

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Founding Health Transformers

Dr Robyn Littlewood

Chief Executive

Joanna Munro


Jacqueline Cotugno


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Last updated 8 March 2023