Spotlight on women’s wellbeing as ‘Queenslandhers’ rise above the challenges of 2020

Queensland women who faced adversity during 2020 are sharing their stories of inner strength in a new Health and Wellbeing Queensland campaign putting a spotlight on women’s wellbeing.

Health and Wellbeing Queensland Chief Executive Dr Robyn Littlewood said Queenslandher was a platform for women to share their achievements in the face of the unprecedented challenges of the past 12 months, from droughts and bushfires to COVID-19.

“We know Queensland women have done it tough this year. There have been periods of devastation, confusion and uncertainty, and throughout this time, many have found ways to stand tall during these challenging times” Dr Littlewood said.

“The steps women have taken to adapt, to be healthier and stronger than before, is what makes them Queenslandhers.”

In a survey of 300 women commissioned by Health and Wellbeing Queensland for the Queenslandher campaign, almost all women found 2020 challenging. One in five found it extremely challenging, rising to one third of young Queensland women.

But Queensland women found some positives to take from 2020 too. Almost one in four women started something new or discovered something new about themselves. Just over half of women said they felt optimistic when they thought ahead to 2021.

“Staying connected with others, keeping healthy and having a positive attitude were key self-reported behaviours that helped women cope,” Dr Littlewoood said. “It really highlights why looking after your wellbeing is one of the most important things you can do in challenging times.”

Dr Littlewood said Queenslandher featured the voices of Queensland women from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of stories to tell; from farmers to nurses, students to retirees.

“We want to share the stories of Queensland women, to validate and acknowledge the hardship they have faced, and ultimately guide them to resources to support them in leading healthier and better-balanced lives,” Dr Littlewood said.

“We also want to applaud them for overcoming their challenges and empower other women to do the same.

“While Queensland women vary greatly in what they have to say, what unites them is their tenacity and determination to rise above their challenges.”

Scenic Rim farmer Gen Windley, who appears in the new campaign, said there’s nothing like working in agriculture to prepare you for the unexpected.

“We’ve dealt with our fair share of challenging weather events in recent years so when COVID hit we were prepared to face it front on,” said Gen.

“We knew that supply chains and retail outlets would be immediately closed to many small producers in the Scenic Rim. We also knew that our city-based local produce customers would not be able to visit the Scenic Rim so we decided to take the region’s best produce to the city.”

“We took Scenic Rim Farm Box from idea to reality in three weeks. We’ve been going for 8 months now and have more than 60 suppliers, have delivered thousands of boxes and created 18 regional jobs. Our COVID pivot will endure beyond the pandemic, and has demonstrated a vital link between city consumers and country producers,” said Gen.

Health and Wellbeing Queensland is encouraging all Queenslandher women to share their own story of inner strength.

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