‘Queensland’s healthiest stadium’ helping families pick nutritious and affordable choices 

Queensland Firebirds Macy Gardner, Emily Moore and Tippah Dwan hold up healthy food options with a young fan who is holding a netball.
  • 41% of Queenslanders want healthier food and drink options at stadiums
  • People at stadiums are more likely to choose healthy options if they’re available and affordable
  • Two in three Queensland adults, and one in four Queensland children, live with overweight or obesity

Netball Queensland is scoring goals for fans at ‘Queensland’s healthiest stadium’ by promoting healthy meal options this home season.

Working with Health and Wellbeing Queensland, the state’s prevention agency, and Australian Catering Services, food outlets at Nissan Arena will promote healthy food and drink products with green ‘Pick me’ stickers.

‘Pick me’ was developed by Health and Wellbeing Queensland to make it easier for people to choose healthy and affordable food and drinks that align with the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. Food and drink products that are less nutritious will still be available at the Nissan Arena, however, they will not be heavily promoted.

The green ‘Pick me’ stickers make it easier to know what food and drink options are nutritious.

Health and Wellbeing Queensland Public Health Nutritionist Amy Wakem said Netball Queensland piloted the ‘Pick me’ promotion in 2023, and its commitment to relaunch it this season at Nissan Arena made it ‘Queensland’s healthiest stadium’.

‘Healthy food and drink options help fuel healthy bodies, whether you’re out on the court or watching from the stands,’ Ms Wakem.

‘With 1 in 4 Queensland children living with overweight or obesity, it’s never been more important to make healthy choices as easy as possible for people whether they’re at a stadium, a sports club or a supermarket.’

Queensland Firebird Emily Moore was fully supportive of the ‘Pick Me’ concept.

‘As an elite athlete, I understand the critical role that good nutrition plays in performance and overall health,’ Moore said.

‘I’m thrilled to see Netball Queensland, Health and Wellbeing Queensland, and Australian Catering Services promoting healthy meal options at Nissan Arena through the ‘Pick Me’ initiative.

‘By displaying green ‘Pick me’ stickers on healthy food and drink products at the venue’s food outlets, we’re making it easier for everyone to make nutritious and affordable choices.

‘It’s fantastic to see the home of the Queensland Firebirds encouraging fans and the wider community to prioritise healthier eating habits.’

‘Pick me’ food and drink options include healthy meal deals such as nachos and wraps, popcorn, corn chips and avocado dip, and fresh fruit, with water promoted as the best drinks option.

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