How Logan Healthy Living changed Judie’s life

Community voices are a valued part of our work, so we are celebrating Queenslanders who are getting involved in our innovative programs to make healthy happen.

We spoke to Judie Thompson about her experience taking part in Logan Healthy Living, a lifestyle management program supported by HWQld for people living with type 2 diabetes.

What made you decide to take part in Logan Healthy Living?

I had reached a point in my life where I was struggling to control my diabetes. My blood sugar levels were consistently too high, and this caused me to always be tired, and not as alert as I needed to be. I was starting to see real signs of other diabetes-related illness occurring in my eyes, feet and legs. I was at a crossroads when my weight was the highest it had ever been at 106.5kg. I decided that day to make the lifestyle changes required to prevent me continuing along the course of many of my family members suffering amputated limbs, lost sight and death.

What has the program involved and how have you found the experience?

The program provided new insights into this disease; it was the greatest source of information I had ever had access to. I was amazed at the simple little things as well as the big important things I learned that went a long way to helping me to make some great changes and start my new lifestyle. We also had exercise sessions, slowly allowing us to either rekindle a love of body movement and exercise, or just an introduction to the many benefits of movement in our lives. The sharing of basic life skills, and hardships with other everyday people that thought, felt and worried about all the same things that I did was invaluable to me. But by far, the most valuable thing I received at Logan Healthy Living was a sense of family, safety and acceptance. This in and of itself changed my life. I will be forever grateful for the wonderful caring staff.

Why do you think lifestyle management programs like these are important?

Without programs like this, so many people would continue to struggle and sadly often fail to manage serious illness, and not ever receive the support and information to help them change their lives in the best kind of way. Without these programs provided to the people that so badly require them, we would see so much related illness, and mental illness related to the illness. I believe these courses are vital to help support life changes and just share vital information to help people make their own best choices.

How do you and your loved ones try to keep healthy?

We have now started walking as together along with our fur babies as often as we can. We also enjoy bike/scooter riding whenever we can.

What would you like to see happen in Queensland to help improve people’s health and wellbeing?

Many more of these types of courses relating to serious illness, and open and easily accessible information sessions.