Healthy meals on the menu for netball season at Nissan Arena

Healthy meals are being made available for the 2023 netball season at the Nissan Arena Brisbane as part of a ‘pick me’ promotion for A Better Choice

Health and Wellbeing Queensland (HWQld) is leading A Better Choice, a public health approach to make it easier to access healthy food and drink options at venues ranging from sport and recreation to healthcare, workplaces, restaurants, schools and remote food stores. 

HWQld developed the ‘pick me’ promotion of healthy food and drink products during the 2023 Queensland netball season, starring the Queensland Firebirds, by working in partnership with Australian Catering Services, Netball Queensland and the Nissan Arena. 

As part of a trial from 16 April to 11 June, ‘pick me’ stickers have been stuck on a selection of food and drink items available at Nissan Arena’s food outlets, such as salad wraps, popcorn, corn chips and avocado dip and fresh fruit, making it easier for spectators to select the healthiest options available.  

'Pick me' stickers
The ‘pick me’ stickers will be on trial from 16 April – 11 June 2023 at Nissan Arena

HWQld Chief Executive Dr Robyn Littlewood said HWQld was proud to lead the ‘pick me’ promotion as part of A Better Choice.   

“Health and Wellbeing Queensland congratulates the Australian Catering Services, Netball Queensland and Nissan Arena for working with us to make healthy happen for players, spectators and their families through the ‘pick me’ promotion,” Dr Littlewood said. 

“It means this year’s netball season promises to be the healthiest ever, with Queensland Firebirds showing its supporters that nutritious meals are linked to optimum performance, and we cannot thank them enough for being inspirational role models.” 

The ‘Pick me’ promotion and A Better Choice are based on recommendations of the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating

The guide uses a traffic light system to classify products based on nutritional value: green for best nutritional value, amber for some nutritional value, and red for limited or no nutritional value. 

Food and drink products that are less nutritious and according to A Better Choice and fall into the ‘amber’ and ‘red’ categories will still be available at the Nissan Arena, however, they will not be actively promoted. 

HWQld will also evaluate the promotion prior to the upcoming launch of A Better Choice for Sport and Recreation to better support stadiums, sport and recreation facilities, and local sporting clubs to make healthy happen. Until then Food for Sport guidelines are recommended. 

HWQld is a partner of Netball Queensland’s Diamond Spirit program, which is promoted through Queensland Firebirds and is delighted the firebirds will promote the A Better Choice strategy, when they play at the Nissan Arena.