Health and Wellbeing Queensland joins experts in three-day meeting of the minds on obesity prevention.

The Australian and New Zealand Obesity Society 2021 Annual Scientific (ANZOS) Meeting has arrived! Now a fully-virtual event, the meeting connects experts and practitioners in obesity research and prevention.

As a premier partner and sponsor for the event, a number of Health and Wellbeing experts joined other health professionals and clinical researchers to discuss the latest advances in obesity research, treatment and public health policy.

Health and Wellbeing Queensland (HWQld) Chief Executive Dr Robyn Littlewood said while she was disappointed the almost 300 delegates were unable to physically attend the meeting in Brisbane as originally intended, it was critical this exceptional meeting of the minds continued.

“HWQld is proud to be a premier sponsor of this year’s event, especially as there’s never been a better—or more important—time to focus on obesity and its prevention,” Dr Littlewood said.

“As the pressures from the COVID-19 pandemic continues to build, combined with the demand on an already stressed health system, we all have a role in shaping our response and our work to protecting a positive future for Queenslanders, especially our children.

“Obesity is a complex problem and needs layered solutions. It’s not a linear challenge and won’t be fixed by a single tablet or a fact sheet. This is why we need to gather everyone together regularly to amplify the latest insights and data to continue to develop contemporary approaches to this issue,” she said.

Dr Littlewood said she was particularly excited to share the work of Health and Wellbeing Queensland’s health professionals and how they are working to partner, collaborate and co-design healthy lifestyle programs to improve outcomes for Queenslanders.

Health and Wellbeing Queensland presentations included:

  • (Pictured, middle) Research Fellow LiKheng Chai covering how to develop an evaluation framework for a preventive health agency in Queensland.
  • Senior Health Practitioner Jacqui Cotugno sharing information on precision support for preventing and managing childhood obesity.
  • (Pictured, right) Public Health Nutritionist Stella Boyd-Ford presenting on how she co-designed a culturally tailored healthy lifestyle program for communities in the outer Islands of the Torres Strait.
  • (Pictured, left) PHD Candidate Renae Earle presented on Empowerment Approaches to Childhood Obesity.
  • Research Fellow Dr Jacqueline Walker and Principal Lead, Clinical Prevention Jo Munro asking health professionals and parents want they want as part of an online childhood obesity prevention program.

“Our vision is that every Queenslander achieves and sustains a healthier weight by moving more and making healthier food and drink choices and we’re making sure everything we do to help them achieve this is evidence-based and co-designed.”