$21 million investment to boost Queenslanders’ health and wellbeing

A group of young boys wearing yellow rugby outfits standing on a green rugby field.

Health and Wellbeing Queensland is investing $21 million in programs that support the health and wellbeing of Queenslanders, marking the state’s prevention agency’s fifth anniversary.  

The programs, which are free to Queenslanders across the state, include Deadly Choices, My health for life, QCWA Country Kitchens, 10,000 Steps and QAST Healthier Tuckshops. The programs are designed to support manageable and sustainable healthy behaviour changes with a focus on improving nutrition and physical activity. 

Overweight, including obesity, is the third leading risk factor of death in Australia, followed by poor diet, high blood sugar and physical inactivity. 

While two in three Queensland adults and one in four Queensland children live with overweight or obesity, rates of vegetable and fruit consumption and physical activity participation are low across the population

Health and Wellbeing Queensland Chief Executive Officer Dr Robyn Littlewood said investing in prevention was key to not only helping people to live longer and healthier lives but also to support the state’s world-class healthcare system. 

‘Good health should be affordable for everyone, no matter where they live or how much money they make,’ Dr Littlewood said. 

‘That’s why we’re investing in programs that are free to Queenslanders, including $9.4 million in programs tailored for First Nations people. 

‘Prevention stops problems before they start and keep Queenslanders healthy and off the ramps and out of hospitals. 

‘This is the way our state will stop the rising rates of heart disease, diabetes and cancers that are shortening lives and increasing the number of years lived with disability.’ 

Research shows for every $1 invested in prevention, there is a return of $14 to the wider economy. 

The $21 million investment will be delivered over the next 12 months and brings Health and Wellbeing Queensland’s total investment in chronic disease prevention programs to $89 million since 2021. 

Health and Wellbeing Queensland recently launched Making Healthy Happen 2032, the state’s strategy to prevent, reduce and treat obesity, and focuses on changing the systems and environments that hold obesity, poor diet and physical inactivity in place. 

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