Brisbane Festival comes alive with the sound of the kazoo

Health and Wellbeing Queensland (HWQld) was delighted to sponsor 10,000 Kazoos during the Brisbane Festival’s closing concert at the revitalised Victoria Park Brisbane precinct on Saturday 23 September.  

Through our support, Queenslanders of all ages and abilities joined the world’s biggest, zaniest orchestra, featuring the kazoo, a small whistle-like instrument, with 10,000 kazoos provided free of charge for the mass participation event. 

In addition to all of the stage concerts, the Health and Wellbeing Queensland Active Hub also became a popular destination for community physical activity including dance, aerobics and yoga. 

Health and Wellbeing Queensland CEO, Dr Robyn Littlewood, said HWQld was delighted to support the Brisbane Festival through the HWQld Active Hub and 10,000 Kazoos orchestra, which was jointly presented with Brisbane City Council. 

‘Health and Wellbeing Queensland was delighted to support the Brisbane Festival and in particular, it’s grand finale featuring an almighty chorus of Kazoos and our very own Health and Wellbeing Queensland Active Hub at Victoria Park,’ Dr Littlewood said. 

‘It was very uplifting to see thousands of families come together to create a chorus of sound and laughter through the kazoo. That no musical ability was required was all part of the fun. 

‘When coupled with our Health and Wellbeing Queensland Active Hub, both activities showcased, in a practical sense, how as the state’s prevention agency we are committed to creating a healthier and fairer future for Queensland. 

‘Through bringing the community together for 10,000 Kazoos, we are also reminded of the important role of music in creating social connectedness in our mission to improve the health and wellbeing of Queenslanders through partnering, creating and amplifying actions across the state.’ 

A celebration of the city of Brisbane, the annual multi-arts Brisbane Festival is staged across several venues that highlight iconic landmarks and the Brisbane River.   

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