Expressions of interest now open

We are pleased to announce an opportunity for community and health organisations across the Maranoa Regional Council area to be a part of an innovative approach to chronic disease prevention, early identification, and timely intervention.

Through the trial of the ‘Wellness my Way’ program, participating organisations will play a simple but important role in identifying and engaging community members over the age of 18 who may benefit from improving their health and wellbeing. The support you provide to the Wellness my Way program will see you exploring ways to implement the program into your normal business practices, and encourage individuals to complete an online health and wellbeing assessment. This assessment acts as a gateway to access free and low-cost preventive care through the support of a trained telephone health coach.

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Who are we?

Health and Wellbeing Queensland is partnering with South West Hospital and Health Service’s (SWHHS) Healthy Communities Team, and Queensland Health’s Health Contact Centre (HCC) to co-design, implement and evaluate the Wellness my Way pilot.

The pilot will deliver a locally adapted version of the HCC’s Way to Wellness (WTW) health assessment and telephone coaching service. SWHHS will lead the local stakeholder engagement and implementation within the community to ensure local relevance and sustainability, and community voices will inform implementation through local consultation and a continuous quality improvement approach.

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Why join us?

By joining the Wellness my Way program, you can help create a healthier community. 

This program will benefit the community by:

  • Improving Program Access: Increasing awareness and access to free and low-cost health programs close to home.
  • Empowering People: Giving Maranoa residents knowledge, skills, and motivation to stay happy and healthy.
  • Strengthening Communities: Connecting community and making improved health and wellbeing everyone’s business.

This program will benefit your organisation by:

  • Simplifying Prevention: Making it easier to integrate prevention into existing processes.
  • Developing expertise: Gaining skills and knowledge in preventive health with support and guidance provided by the project team.
  • Leading Change: Being leaders in community-led prevention and informing future improvements to the model.
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Who should apply?

Expressions of interest are open to all health and community organisations and relevant individuals located in the Maranoa Regional Council region. All levels of interest are welcome. Should organisations have any concerns over their suitability or capacity, they are encouraged to submit an enquiry to discuss options.

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Community and social service organisations

  • Maranoa Regional Council
  • Workplaces
  • Non-Government Organisations
  • Local businesses
  • Community Centres
  • Support Groups

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Health services and organisations

  • Hospital departments
  • Pharmacy
  • Allied Health
  • General Practice
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Controlled Health Organisations
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If you are a passionate individual (not affiliated with an organisation) and interested in supporting Wellness my Way in your community, the project team would love to hear from you. See our contact details.

Next steps

1. Read the Information Pack

2. Complete and submit the EOI registration form

If you have questions, please contact us

Wellness my Way is an initiative of the Queensland Government, delivered in partnership by Health and Wellbeing Queensland, the Health Contact Centre and South West Hospital and Health Service.