A Better Choice

A Better Choice ‘Pick Me’ Food Stickers – how does it work?

A Better Choice

Looking for something fresh, tasty and nutritious? Look for the ‘pick me’ stickers for a healthier option at participating retail outlets.  

We know dining out of home can make it hard to find nutritious, tasty and affordable meal options, so we are helping to take the guess work out of selecting your next meal or snack, by making it as easy as possible to identify the most nutritious options.

The guidelines behind ‘pick me’ 

The ‘pick me’ campaign is a part of the Queensland A Better Choice Food and Drink Supply Strategy (A Better Choice). Health and Wellbeing Queensland (HWQld) is leading Queensland Government efforts to improve food environments, so Queenslanders have access to healthy food and drink options in places outside the home. 

A Better Choice uses a traffic light system to classify foods according to their nutritional value. This is based on the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, where products with the most nutritional value are classified as green.  

Look out for the ‘pick me’ posters where healthy options are sold, and the ‘pick me’ stickers on nutritious and delicious meals, snacks and drinks across a variety of retail settings 

How are the stickers used in different places?  

Healthcare retail outlets

At outlets in this setting, only foods and drinks from the green category will be marked with the ‘pick me’ sticker.  Food and drink options that are from the amber and red categories will still be available in store but will not be promoted.

Stadiums and sports venues

At outlets in this setting, food from the green and amber category, and drinks from the green category will be marked with the ‘pick me’ sticker. Food from the red category and drinks from the amber and red category will still be available. 

Disclaimer: ‘Pick me’ stickers are applied by venue staff and Health and Wellbeing Queensland holds no responsibility for any incorrect application of the stickers. 

For more information

You can find out more on what food and drinks fit into the green, amber and red categories in the Food and Drink Classification guide. 

Health and Wellbeing Queensland have developed the ‘pick me’ promotional campaign to help customers identify the healthiest options when eating out of home. The aim of the ‘pick me’ campaign is to help consumers pick the best option out of those that are available to them at that venue.  

Last updated 24 May 2023