Total body toning

An increase in muscle definition can occur after 8-12 weeks of consistent training, so keep setting short term goals to remain focused and motivated. Don’t forget that a nutritious diet is vital to successfully increasing your muscle definition!

If you have been inactive for a while, have heart disease, a close relative with heart disease, any other major health problems, injuries or are pregnant, please check with your GP, an Accredited Exercise Physiologist or other health professional before following this workout.

Total body toning

1. Superman

  1. Start on your hands and knees, with your back straight and core  muscles tight
  2. Keeping your hips low, simultaneously raise your right arm and left  leg straightening at your elbow and knee
  3. Pause then lower to the starting position before alternating  sides

2. Push ups on bench/wall/floor

Push ups on bench/wall/floor
  1. Position hands shoulder width apart on floor, knees bent, legs crossed
  2. Bending at elbows, lower yourself down 
  3. Keep back straight and core engaged
  4. Push back away from the wall straightening elbows 

3. Three way arms

Three way arms
  1. Hold a water bottle or weight in each hand
  2. Perform a front raise, keeping elbows straight to lift wrists to shoulder height in front of your body
  3. Perform a lateral raise, keeping elbows straight to lift wrists to shoulder height to the side of your body
  4. Perform a shoulder press, extending elbows to push weights above head

4. Rows

  1. Hold a water bottle or weight in each hand
  2. Tip forward at hips, keeping back straight and core muscles tight
  3. Bend at elbows to squeeze shoulder blades backwards, tensing your mid back muscles as you do so
  4. To progress this exercise, aim to complete standing on one leg

5. Dips on floor/bench

Dips on floor/bench
  1. Position hands and feet shoulder-­width apart on the floor/bench  with bent knees 
  2. Straighten arms, lifting your hips off the ground
  3. Bend elbows until 90 degrees, lowering body toward floor
  4. Push straight back up to the starting position

6. Squat floor reach

Squat floor reach
  1. Stand feet hip-width apart and arms by sides
  2. Bend left knee, lifting foot behind you
  3. Squat down and raise right arm out to the side at shoulder height
  4. Reach left hand down across body, touching the floor outside your right foot

7. Squat reach and jump

Squat reach and jump
  1. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and perform a squat by bending at the knees to lower yourself downwards
  2. Your knees should not pass over your toes
  3. From the squat position, straighten and jump upwards, reaching both arms forward

8. Side lunges

Side lunges
  1. Step out to the side, keeping toes pointing forward
  2. Complete a lunge, bending at both knees to lower downwards
  3. Your knees should not pass over your toes
  4. Step back to starting position to repeat to the opposite side

9. Backward lunge with front kick

Backward lunge with front kick
  1. Start with feet together
  2. Step back with one foot to complete a lunge
  3. Step back toward starting position, swinging your leg through to complete a kick
  4. Return to starting position and repeat

10. Sprinter sit-up

Sprinter sit-up
  1. Lie on back with the legs straight and arms by your side, elbows bent at a 90-degree angle
  2. Sit up, bringing the left knee toward the right elbow
  3. Lower back down to starting position