Create healthy habits for children in Queensland Walks Month

Walking is a super-powered exercise activity, and an easy, affordable and accessible way for Queensland families with children to spend more time together, especially during winter. 

During August, join the spirit of Queensland Walks Month by stepping outside amid the crisp fresh air and gentler winter sunshine to enjoy the highly effective exercise of walking. 

While outdoors, remember to ‘slip, slop, slap, seek, slide’ for sun protection. 

Health and Wellbeing Queensland Chief Executive Officer Dr Robyn Littlewood said making time for walking during cooler months was highly beneficial for Queenslanders of all ages and abilities. 

‘I am delighted to celebrate Queensland Walks Month because it honours movement that is affordable and accessible for the whole family, wherever they live in Queensland,’ Dr Robyn Littlewood said. 

‘Regular physical activity helps to boost energy levels and maintain a healthier weight while also preventing and managing serious health problems including heart disease, asthma, diabetes, stroke and anxiety. While outdoors, we also receive a boost of Vitamin D.  

‘It is therefore vitally important to ensure both children and adults receive the support and encouragement they need to get out and get active. 

‘Queensland Walks Month is yet another example of recognition that participating in physical exercise, sport and recreation not only improves health and wellbeing but helps to build vibrant and liveable communities.’ 

Health and Wellbeing Queensland’s recent launch of the Podsquad app has also made learning healthy habits, such as participating in regular physical activity, fun for children and families across Queensland. 

Podsquad is a free, play-based wellbeing program that supports children and families to set their own health goals and provides them with the resources to get active, explore different foods and improve sleep habits. 

Follow these tips to enjoy more family walks together: 

  • Make walking a part of the daily commute to school. Try walking the whole way to or from school, or if that is too far, try parking a little further away or getting off the bus earlier. Every step counts while enjoying extra time to chat or hear about the school day. 
  • Adopt the Queensland Walks Month 2023 theme ‘Walk Explore’ and find a new place to walk on weekends, such as, a new neighbourhood, playground or national park. 
  • Seize the opportunity to walk in wet weather and grab an umbrella and your gum boots to enjoy the fun of puddle jumping. 
  • Plan a scavenger hunt and challenge the family to tick off a list as you walk, for example, try to spot items that start with every letter of the alphabet or find as many different colours and textures as you can.  

When combined with children’s initiatives such as the Nature Play Passport, Queensland Walks Month reminds us to take to the streets with the family. 

For more great ideas to get kids healthy and active visit or download Podsquad for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

Queenslanders can log in or register for the 10,000 Steps, proudly supported by Health and Wellbeing Queensland, and chart their activity on the dashboard or your Step Log to participate in the Queensland Walk Explore Steps Challenge 

Image supplied by Queensland Walks