Join our Register of Community Voices

Are you a Queenslander who is passionate about health and wellbeing and want to get involved in making healthy happen?

Health and Wellbeing Queensland values the new generation of community advocates as truth tellers, equity seekers, way finders, gracious agitators, thinkers and do-ers to help inform solutions to some of the complex problems we’re working to address.

We know that 2 in 3 Queensland adults, and 1 in 4 Queensland children are living with overweight or obesity and our role as a prevention agency is to support Queenslanders on their journey to better health, while also taking the pressure off our hospital and health system.

Your insights will inform preventive health measures

To support Queenslanders we must better understand the unique challenges and opportunities within communities—and by communities, we mean geographic, cultural, social, sporting or otherwise.

To create healthier Queensland communities, we know we must:

  • Listen more, especially to those whose voices are not often heard.
  • Ensure our work is empowering, inclusive and culturally respectful, and is informed or co-created by those who will benefit or be impacted most.
  • Develop and deliver activities that are community-informed and demonstrated to work.
  • Recognise there are many ways to engage and work with community members and that different approaches may be needed to hear different voices.

Your role in making healthy happen

We expect to have different ways for you to become involved in informing or co-designing a range of strategies, policies, programs, and initiatives to make healthy happen.

In most cases, you will be compensated for your time in line with Health Consumers Queensland’s position statement.

We are seeking to develop a Register of community voices to form a pool that can be drawn upon as needed, with no obligation to participate if personal circumstances change.

By giving us a little information about you, we will be able to match you with opportunities as they present, as well as provide any support you may need to do the best job you can.

Interested in becoming involved?

If you are interested in informing or co-creating our work, please complete this Expression of Interest so we can let you know about future opportunities.

For a hard copy to be posted or emailed, or for further information please contact Gillian Myers or or by phone on 0467 830 979.

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Last updated 27 August 2021