Gather + Grow

Summary of Queensland Remote Food Security Strategy 2023-2032


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples living in remote communities are food secure.


Increase the availability, accessibility and use of healthy food in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Action Plan 1

Plant, 2023-2026
Establish fertile ground
Cultivate collective leadership and vision to enable system change.

Action Plan 2

Nurture, 2026-2029
Support budding change
Test, trial and evaluate place-based solutions to support change.

Action Plan 3

Grow, 2029-2032
Embed and sustain growth
Sustain growth by upscaling and embedding effective solutions.

Food Security Definition

Food security ensures people and communities have reliable access to a
range of healthy food and drinks that are affordable and acceptable to their cultural needs at all times.

Key priorities

Logistics and supply chain

Work to ensure the supply chain is performing to the best of its ability to supply quality, affordable and healthy food all year-round.

Local food production

Improve healthy food availability and access by creating supportive ways food can be grown locally.

Healthy communities

Empower communities to understand the importance of healthy eating by
improving access.

Healthy homes

Ensure homes have reliable cooking facilities that will support healthy
food preparation, storage and consumption.

How we work — our shared commitment


Ensure communities are at the centre of decision-making.


Ensure approaches are fair and take into consideration the unique needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.


Drive solutions that support outcomes now and into the future.

Systems thinking

Look at the whole picture to understand where the challenges and opportunities exist to address food security.


Commit to learning from history and culture , and respecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of knowing, being and doing.

What we need

To succeed, we need:

Collective leadership: By working together across government, community, industry and others to share solutions, implementation and ownership.

Knowledge translation: By recognising the importance of everyone’s knowledge so that decision-making is evidence-based and community led.

Solution-driven investment: By ensuring there is enough investment to support implementation and evaluation, resulting in long term outcomes.

Strengths-based approaches: By building on the strengths, resilience and leadership within communities.

What we seek to achieve


Food is available in communities.


Food is affordable and accessible in communities.


Food choices and preparation support good health in communities.

Summary of the Gather + Grow Queensland Remote Food Security Action Plan

Plant, 2023-2026
Establish fertile ground

The Gather + Grow Action Plan 2023-2026 is the first Action Plan related to Gather + Grow 2023-2032. This Action Plan focuses on creating shared leadership to establish a strong foundation for change by testing actions and understanding the current state.

This plan has… 23 actions.

Delivered by… 17 agencies across local, state and federal government.

Focused on… Far North Queensland and the Lower Gulf Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Actions to be taken

Logistics and supply chain

These actions will involve understanding current challenges and opportunities within the supply chain in order to identify improvements and/or new solutions. For example, by partnering with key stakeholders to design solutions that will support improvements across the supply chain, and by investigating opportunities to pool procurement across government and community settings to reduce the freight cost of food.

Healthy communities

These actions will focus on promoting the use of healthy food across community settings to make healthy choices easier. For example, by enhancing the capability of remote stores to achieve healthy retail
environments and by mapping local food systems to understand where there are opportunities to promote healthy eating in communities.

Local food production

These actions will focus on understanding if food can be grown closer to remote communities. For example, by developing a criterion to inform investment decisions, and conducting feasibility studies, to determine critical inputs and infrastructure required by communities.

Healthy homes

These actions will focus on the challenges and opportunities to ensure homes have reliable kitchen facilities and equipment to allow healthy food to be cooked, eaten and stored.

Read the full Strategy, Gather + Grow 2023–2032 (PDF, 4.69MB)

Last updated 17 November 2023