The Billion Steps Challenge

Are you game to take on The Billion Steps Challenge?

Walking is one of the simplest ways to get moving, which is why we’re challenging Queenslanders to join us in walking one billion steps!

In partnership with 10,000 Steps we’re lacing up our sneakers and hitting the pavement – at a socially acceptable distance of 1.5m, of course.

If you’re not a keen walker or aren’t able to walk, that’s okay – there are still plenty of ways you can join in the fun. You can dance like nobody’s looking in the privacy of your bedroom, have a good old game of hopscotch in the driveway with the kids or even sit down and wave your arms about like you just don’t care.

Whatever you do, it’s all movement, it’s all good and it all counts!


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Progress towards 1 Billion Steps

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