Project ECHO

A guided telementoring model to upskill in best practice prevention and management of childhood obesity.

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Project ECHO

Project ECHO was launched in 2003 at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center as a healthcare initiative before expanding into other domains. ECHO has developed over 40 teleECHO programs covering wide areas such as diabetes, HIV, TB, women’s health, chronic pain, substance use disorders, behavioral health, rheumatology, community health workers, and career readiness for teachers and school counselors to name a few. There are currently over 90 000 learners and 800 ECHO Programs in 39+ countries.

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Working in partnership

Project ECHO is a partnership model. The ECHO Institute catalyses the uptake of the ECHO Model by replication partners, who implement ECHO learning communities to meet the needs of their people and reach their goals.

ECHO Principles

When all the principles are applies a learning community in which ALL TEACH AND ALL LEARN comes together.

Exponential performance

Project ECHO is a performance optimiser. It is a guided practice model that exponentially increases access to best practice through hub and spoke knowledge sharing networks. Online interactive discussions provide a platform for collaborative learning to empower to providers to practice at the top of their scope.

Digitally enabled

Participants dial into Project ECHO sessions via Zoom video conferencing software which requires an internet connection and a device with a webcam. Zoom is free for participants to download and use.

Access to best practice

Project ECHO methodology promotes small group case-based learning lead by a panel of experts.

ECHO increases access to best practice and reduces health disparities especially for those in rural and remote areas.

Multi-directional learning

Rather than information flowing in one direction, community providers learn from experts/specialist mentors, they learn from each other, and experts/specialist mentors learn from community providers as new best practices emerge.

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Last updated 18 May 2020