No sweat lunch-break

Struggling to find time in the day to move more? This mini-workout can be completed during your lunch break, or you can even try splitting it up into smaller bouts of 5-10minutes of activity throughout your day. For extra fun, complete with a work colleague.

If you have been inactive for a while, have heart disease, a close relative with heart disease, any other major health problems, injuries or are pregnant, please check with your GP, an Accredited Exercise Physiologist or other health professional before following this workout.

No sweat lunch-break

1. Step up knee lifts

Step up knee lifts
  1. Position left foot on a step and keep here throughout the entire movement
  2. Step up with right leg and without touching the step with your right foot, bend your knee to bring up towards chest
  3. Step straight back down again with your right foot and then your left foot

2. Advanced jumping jacks

Advanced jumping jacks
  1. With your feet wide, lower into squat
  2. Extend your arms out to the sides of your shoulders, palms facing up
  3. Jump out of squat, bringing your feet together and clap your hands overhead

3. Lateral hops

Lateral hops
  1. Keeping your legs together, jump from side to side, jumping over an imaginary obstacle
  2. Land with soft knees
  3. Try to remain on the balls of your feet

4. Fast step ups

Fast step ups
  1. Complete quick step-ups, alternating legs with each step up
  2. Choose a higher step to make this more difficult

5. Front kick plank

Front kick plank
  1. Begin with feet together and the arms up in a defensive position
  2. Bring the right knee up and kick outwards
  3. Balancing on the left leg, bring the right leg back behind you, hands to the floor
  4. Bring the left foot next to the right into a plank, holding briefly
  5. Step the left foot forward into a lunge, stand up and again kick with the right leg
  6. Continue with your front kick planks on the same leg

6. Side to side lunge with punches

Side to side lunge with punches
  1. Begin facing forward and pivot to the right
  2. Step your right leg back as you bend your right knee into a lunge
  3. Punch forward with your left arm then your right arm
  4. Step back to the middle and turn to the left, taking your left leg back and your right arm forward in a punch followed by your left arm
  5. Continue alternating sides, moving quickly
  6. To make harder, lunge deeper or add a jump in the middle

7. Squat reach and jump

Squat reach and jump
  1. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and perform a squat by bending at the knees to lower yourself downwards
  2. Your knees should not pass over your toes
  3. From the squat position, straighten and jump upwards, reaching both arms forward

8. Superman

  1. Start on your hands and knees, with your back straight and core  muscles tight
  2. Keeping your hips low, simultaneously raise your right arm and left  leg straightening at your elbow and knee
  3. Pause then lower to the starting position before alternating  sides