Bettie Butcher

We run events across Australia that help women to build their confidence, make lifelong friends and to be their best selves. This year we have struggled as we couldn’t hold any physical events which left our community feeling disjointed and isolated, especially in states like Victoria. This has also impacted on the mental health of our community so we had to innovate.

What helped you overcome these challenges?

We overcame the challenge by creating online events and strengthening our community. Starting with the “pass the lipstick” video challenge through to online pageants like The BaconFest pinup pageant (usually a destination event in Kingaroy, QLD), we were able to create online events that still gave women a reason to dress up even though they couldn’t go outside. This also helped to give women confidence in filming, editing and adding sound to videos. Its actually brought our community together even more as everyone could be involved even if they lived in different states or territories.

What “her” have you become?