The Wellbeing Series

What is it to be a well being? The events of COVID-19 have shone a spotlight on protecting and maintaining our health, and made us aware of the importance of social connectedness, family, lifestyle and community. The eight-episode Wellbeing Series investigates and celebrates the essential ingredients for living well. 

The series has been developed by the free, healthy lifestyle program My health for life on behalf of Health and Wellbeing Queensland.

Join presenter, Jillian Whiting, some well-known identities, health professionals and everyday Queenslanders on a journey to uncover what influences our health and what it takes to be a well being.

Well, well, well

Presenter Jillian Whiting embarks on a journey to investigate what influences our health and wellbeing, looking at events from the Spanish Flu, to trends in public health messaging and our own personal health behaviours. 

Duration – 8 minutes

Mastering Mindset

Mindset is often a choice and influences our attitudes and behaviours. Health and happiness expert Claire Massingham helps us master our mindset, while six times champion Ironman Trevor Hendy shares his personal journey and what he has learnt in the process. 

Duration – 7:17 minutes

Kicking Goals

The best intentions often fail us, this is why we need SMART goals and a clever plan. Health and happiness expert and adventurer Gerrard Gosens explains how.

Duration – 8:30 minutes

Boost your Healthy

Explore how a healthy lifestyle can boost your health and fend off disease. A Brisbane mum of two and a Townsville retiree explain how small changes can lead to big benefits. 

Duration – 9:29 minutes


Good sleep is critical but is often overlooked and undervalued. GP Dr Jenny Schafer helps us uncover the secrets to a good night sleep.

Duration: 8:25 minutes

Power of Social Connectedness

Human beings are social creatures and need to feel a sense of connectedness and belonging. But did you know social connectedness also has a powerful impact on our everyday health and wellbeing? 

Duration: 9:41 minutes

Connecting Creativity with Wellbeing

Join Doctor and Go-Between bass player Dr John Wilsteed and a raft of creative minds as they look at the benefits of  creative pursuits. More than child’s play, they help keep us happy, productive and well. Increasingly, creativity is becoming modern medicine for improved wellbeing. 

Duration – 10:47 minutes

Good Health

2020 has had its challenges but it has also been a year of learning, kindness, unity and inspiration. Queenslanders share their thoughts and hopes for the future and in particular, wellness. 

Duration: 7:27 minutes

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Last updated 18 January 2022