A Better Choice

Guiding healthier options in Healthcare facilities

Better Choice

Queensland Hospitals and Health Services play an important role in supporting the wellbeing of Queenslanders. Role modelling healthier food retail in food outlets and vending machines sends an important message to the community about healthy living and staying healthy.

By implementing A Better Choice, healthcare facilities are making it easier for staff and visitors to make nutritious food choices and boost their wellbeing.

The A Better Choice Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Healthcare Facilities applies to all public health services, and sets targets around the sale, provision, promotion and advertising of food and drinks on site. The strategy covers:

  • food outlets and coffee carts
  • vending machines
  • catering
  • fundraising and promotional activities.

The strategy supports implementation of the Health Service Directive—Healthier Food and Drinks at Healthcare Facilities, which ensures that healthier food and drinks are sold, provided, promoted and advertised at healthcare facilities.

The A Better Choice Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Healthcare Facilities supports facilities to make the healthier choice the easier choice.

Support is available to help your facility implement A Better Choice


FoodChecker is a free online resource that classifies foods, drinks, and recipes and meals according to the A Better Choice traffic light system.

This webinar provides an overview of FoodChecker.

For further information, visit the Healthy Eating Advisory Service Webpage

Implementation Resources

Additional resources are available to support implementation of A Better Choice.

For additional implementation support, contact abetterchoice@health.qld.gov.au

Promotional Materials

Queensland Healthcare Facilities can access promotional resources to promote A Better Choice across food and drink retail outlets.

To access additional materials, including banners and cabinet stickers, contact abetterchoice@health.qld.gov.au

Copyright in FoodChecker is owned by the State of Victoria. FoodChecker has been developed by Nutrition Australia Vic Division, with support from the. Victorian Government. Adaptations to Queensland assessments are funded by Health and Wellbeing Queensland. These adaptations are made with the permission of the State of Victoria, acting through the Department of Health.

Last updated 30 July 2022